Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Links for Linking

* John Pieret is short and sweet on 'bad design' arguments, which, as he notes, are the mirror-universe versions of the arguments of intelligent design theory.

* A brief piece on one of the two currently working versions of Babbage's Difference Engine No. 2. Ralph Luker points to a YouTube demonstration of it.

* Adriano Celentano shows us what American pop music used to sound like to Italians. It's very catchy, in a crazy-making way.

* James Franklin, Aristotelian Realism (PDF)

* David Oderberg, On an Alleged Fallacy in Aristotle (PDF)

* Rebecca Stark on Sure Things Only Because.

* Very sad:

Karim Mansour, the store and dog owner, received a warning: Remove the dog or the Florida Department of Agriculture would declare all of Mansour's food products — mostly bottled sodas, Slim Jims and candy bars — unfit for consumption.

Mansour, who adopted 6-year-old Cody three years ago, had no choice but to sign the warning. His primary violation: "Prohibited animals present in a food establishment. Dog seen in retail area."

The store doesn't serve hot food such as hot dogs or even fresh cold deli-type items. The only food it carries are packaged products such as chips, crackers and candy.

But food, apparently, is food.

Even dogs are being laid off these days.

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