Sunday, January 03, 2010

Seventh Day of the Month

As I sometimes do at the turn of a New Year, here is a list of the posts on the seventh day of each month of 2009.

January: no post on the seventh day of the month

February: Flowers Preach

March: Sidecar Bar & Grill
Kant and 'Existence Is Not a Real Predicate'
Lenten Giving

April: Chaospet on "The End of Philosophy"
The End of Philosophy?
Clothed with the Wisdom and the Power

May: Clausewitz on the Use of Historical Examples

June: Not Acceptable
Malebranche's Infinity Challenge (Repost)
We Have Not Sighed Deep, Laughed Free

July: Usury and Titles to Interest
Physics and Philosophy

August: Neo-Humean Theology

September: Aquinas on Manual Labor

October: Five Ways of Teaching

November: The Lotus (Part I)

December: Marenbon on 'Aquinas's Principle' (Repost)

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