Friday, February 05, 2010

Friday Random Ten

1. Sufjan Stevens, In the Words of the Governor
2. Animals, Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
3. Jonathon Coulton, re: Your Brains
4. Alphaville, Forever Young
5. Jana Mashonee, O Holy Night (Hodiyin Tl'ee'go)
6. Sufjan Stevens, You Are the Blood
7. America, Sister Golden Hair
8. Jann Arden, Never Mind
9. Wainotar, Kihlaus
10. Madison Park, Opus One

Jana Mashonee's "O Holy Night" is from her American Indian Christmas album; the song is a Navajo version of the carol, if I remember correctly. You can hear a sample here.

Nostalgia is a curious thing, because it is so very rooted in particulars. The Alphaville song is pretty sappy, but I like it because I remember hearing it on a mix tape that was playing while I was chatting with Adrienne about existentialism -- and that conveys nothing to anybody else, but it is the full explanation.

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