Sunday, March 07, 2010

Links and Links

* Extracts from Hilario De Coste's Life of Mersenne. Mersenne, of course, was a Minim, and, in fact, became general of the order; the Minims were founded by Francis of Paola and their distinguishing feature was Lenten life, vita quadragesimalis, which meant that except in cases of illness they practiced the Lenten fast from meat every day, in or out of Lent. Like a number of orders and religious society, they were almost wiped out by the French Revolution; but there are still Minims in Italy. (ht)

* Asad Raza has a nice little article on knowledge and zeal from a Muslim perspective.

* Two notable canonizations are in the works: Bl. Mary MacKillop is now scheduled to become the first Australian saint on Rome's universal calendar. Bl. Andre Bessette of the Congregation of the Holy Cross will also receive the distinction of canonization.

* Robot Socrates discusses piety with Robot Euthyphro. I have an intro class that does not like Socrates at all; I showed it to them and they found it hilarious.

* St. Katharine Drexel against the KKK.

* The Anglican Church in America has voted to join the Catholic Church. It's actually a very small group; about 120 parishes.

* Yet another Legion of Christ scandal.

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