Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Scotism and ID

Michael Sullivan at "The Smithy" has been musing on the recent Thomism vs. ID controversy from a Scotistic perspective:

Is "Intelligent Design" Scotistic?

Nature, Artifacts, and Machines 1

Nature, Artifacts, and Machines 2

"Intelligent Design" and Scotism

ADDED LATER: Nature, Artifacts, Meaning, and Providence

Reply to Dr. Torley

The basic problems with ID from most* scholastic perspectives will be the views it assumes of living things and of intelligence.

* I say 'most' because one could treat Cartesianism as a partially scholastic perspective -- Thomists, at least, have been classifying Cartesianism as a degenerate form of late scholasticism for years -- and Cartesianism and ID actually have the potential to get along very well and make a much more plausible alliance.

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