Saturday, May 22, 2010

Links and Notes

* A discussion of the Use of Sarum

* An excellent post on Pierre Hadot. Hadot's work is truly excellent, and I recommend all of it.

* A post on quality of teaching in American universities.

* Male chastity in Shakespeare.

* Tim O'Neill reviews Stark's book on the Crusades, noting that, despite getting some things right, it has a number of serious problems.

* Exactly the wrong way to teach poetry. Rubrics I can understand; but it doesn't make sense at all for each poem to be graded by the same rubric unless you are teaching specific poetic forms (sonnets, sestinas, rondeaus), which is obviously not the case here. When not looking for specific formal features, it's a portfolio or collection of works that should be handled by a rubric.

* Estimating the net worth of U.S. Presidents.

* Ed Feser has a nice post on generalizations.

* Moishe Roshen recently died.

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