Monday, November 15, 2010

Doctor Universalis

Today is the feast day of St. Albert, Count von Bollstadt, commonly known as Albert the Great. He is the patron saint of scientists, engineers, and roboticists. There is a good discussion of him at the SEP. Sister Mary Albert Hughes's charming booklet on Albert is also online and very much worth reading.


  1. John S. Wilkins9:38 PM

    He was also a pretty fair naturalist.

  2. branemrys10:40 PM

    One of the pictures I have in my head whenever I think of Albert is of him trying to chase an ostrich down. He had heard or read somewhere that ostriches eat iron, and so at one point he tested it out by trying to feed an ostrich bits of iron. He couldn't get the bird to eat them.

    Hughes has some nice quotes showing his attentiveness to the habits of squirrels and ant lions.


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