Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Election Day Prediction

With the power in the House of Representatives having shifted away from the Inutility Party to the Uselessness Party, we can now fully expect to seea greater emphasis in government policy on the maximization of uselessness, and a concomitant reduction in emphasis on the previously dominant policy of the maximization of inutility. However, since the Inutility Party still retains basic control of the Senate, even if only by a hair, we can also expect that bipartisan projects that spend money maximizing both uselessness and inutility will play a significant role in the Congressional agenda of the next two years.

Also, since some people we usually forget about lost to some people we don't really know, we can expect a significant change in which people get rich from government pork.

The real victory tonight, however, is for the Inexpedience Movement, which is partly responsible for the Uselessness Party's major gains in the House; you can be very sure that people in both parties will take it seriously in the future, and we may even see some of its ideas for greater inexpedience pushed through, at least in a more diluted form.

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