Friday, November 05, 2010

Links for Thinking

* The beatification process of architect Antoni Gaudi is proceeding along smoothly. And Sagrada Familia will be consecrated Sunday.

* Organized Christianity may soon be legal in Bhutan. (Currently you can be Christian, but only if it is kept strictly private.)

* The angels invade Macy's for a few minutes.

* Another Honus Wagner baseball card (the Grail of baseball card collecting) was found when it was donated to the School Sisters of Notre Dame, who will be auctioning it off for an expected $150000-$200000.

* A paleontologist attending Mass at the Cathedral of St. Ambrose in Vigevano, near Milan, noticed that the marble communion rail contained horizontal sections of a dinosaur skull.

* "The Lion and the Cardinal" has a post on the discovery of mezzotint engraving.

* Jimmy Akin discusses the relationship between Greek philosophy and the Church Fathers.

* Matthew Alderman discusses whether it's possible to build a truly successful modernistic church?

* Chris Roberts has a nice discussion of a passage in Jonathan Edwards on the endurance of the world through time as an act of God.

* Arsen Darnay tries his hand at translating Goethe's "Wanderers Nachtlied". (Michael Gilleland has other translations here).

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