Saturday, November 13, 2010

Template Change

No substantive posts today because I've changed my template for the first time since I started this weblog on June 2, 2004. The reason for the change was that I finally became fed up with how Blogger had started chopping off the first week or two of every month in my archive pages (there's a 1 MB limit for a page, and I post enough that I regularly exceed that in a month). This led to changing to a weekly archive system, which, of course, had well over three hundred lines, which was absurd. This led to another thing, and that led to another thing, and that led to another thing, and finally I just changed the template entirely.

I really didn't like any of the new templates available; I just chose this one because it didn't look awful. There will probably be some tweaking in the weeks to come. The color scheme certainly needs to be reworked.

I also took down the old description, which doesn't go back quite that far, but does go back almost that far: saying that it was a golden chain from tar-water to the Trinity linked it to its namesake, Berkeley's Siris, and, of course, I do post thoughts on philosophy, theology, and the universe generally. But, honestly, the latter is pretty obvious from the get-go, and the former is an allusion obscure enough for most people that one might as well go whole hog. So I did: seiren chruseien ex ouranothen kremasantes ("Hang from heaven a chain of gold") has long been the Greek motto of the blog, being the source (in the Iliad) of Berkeley's word 'Siris', which was his anglicization of the Greek word 'seira', i.e., a rope, cord, string, or chain. I talked about it a bit in my fifth anniversary post.


  1. Rebecca Stark8:30 PM

    I like the new template. Very clean.

  2. Arsen Darnay7:37 AM

    I sympathize with the trauma and effort such a transition necessitates. The results are pleasing. The wider text block lets poems with long lines "breathe" a little freer, and the somewhat more generous line spacing makes dense text easier to read. Now the "rest of us" must get over the shock of leaving the brown desert for the slightly over-cast sky.

  3. branemrys9:37 AM

    Thanks; it does look a lot less messy than the other.

  4. branemrys9:42 AM

    :-D That really does describe the color scheme at present! The main reason for the colors is that I wanted something that wouldn't blind me every time I sat down to look at it; the original was just pure white, which wouldn't do. And the easiest colors to throw together that fit the bill without obviously clashing were gray and off-white -- no sophisticated color sense required!  We'll see how long Overcast lasts before I change it.

  5. I like it! And much prefer it.  What is the font?

  6. branemrys10:26 AM

    The font is Georgia; it's a Microsoft font,which usually aren't that great, but I think it's the best-designed of those. And it has the advantage that it was deliberately designed to be very readable on the computer screen: taller, broader letters, stronger differentiating strokes, etc.


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