Monday, December 20, 2010

Colbert on Christ and the Poor

Very nice, although I think Colbert has difficulty staying in character on this issue. There are legitimate arguments about whether assistance to the poor is best done by way of a government route, and likewise there can be legitimate arguments about what the best way to help them is, but arguments that build on the presupposition that large numbers of the poor should not be helped are not consistent with Christian life, regardless of one's answers to the other two questions.


  1. the message is very forceful when contrasted with the unrelenting insistence of these Christians on making the rich richer. how they have managed to co-opt the 'Christian' name is a mystery.

  2. branemrys11:51 AM

    In great measure I think it's the typical process of people justifying whatever it is that they always do, the status quo, and using any sort of analogy to things recognized as good that they can find; it happens with pretty much everything else: liberty, what crimes have been committed in your name, and all that. And if people repeat it often enough and loudly enough the associations just stick.

  3. I think that's about right. Glad to have located your blog again and to have it linked to bloglines (which is updated and very useful---not the old bloglines).

    Merry Christmas!


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