Monday, January 31, 2011

Some Links

* An article on the lambs blessed on St. Agnes' Day.

* An extraordinarily good post by Daniel Mitsui on mass media (esp. television) and the Eucharist

* An interesting post by a prostitute on the glamorization of prostitution

* Bill Witt has an annotated bibliography of books that in some way cross the Evangelical/Catholic divide.

* Maronite History Project

* William Mitchell at the IEP

* Venn Diagram Worksheet Maker

* I'm hoping to add a few good works on science to my reading list this year. I don't really like the usual pop-science fare, which tends to be badly written and misleading, so what I have in mind is something meaty but put forward at the more introductory or lower-intermediate level. Any of the major fields of science and mathematics would do. Anyone know of works that would fit the bill?


* John Wilkins has a very good post on classification and induction.

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