Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Your True Love Better Have a Lot of Money

As we end the Twelve Days of Christmas, we find that the Christmas Price Index is up 9.2% to $23,439.38. One of the interesting features of the index is that goods (partridges in pear trees and the like) have steadily become the least expensive part of the index, giving way to services (like ladies dancing). Overall PNC calculates the True Cost of Christmas -- in which your True Love gives you not just the gifts on the Twelfth Day of Christmas, but all of the cumulative gifts for each day, for grand total of 364 gifts -- at $96,824.29.

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  1. John Perry4:24 AM

    Goods can be mass-produced, acquiring economies of scale. Mass-producing them in countries with drastically lower cost of living helps drive down the cost.

    Services can't be similarly outsourced unless they can be done by phone, and lords-a-leaping can't be done by phone, nor ladies dancing.

    On the other hand, you could do them over the internet or on tv, in which case the cost could decrease drastically as well. I think they ought to think about this, since most people get their entertainment precisely in this way nowadays, rather than going to the theater, concert hall, town square, and so forth. Of course, lords-a-leaping were never in the town square I guess, but ladies dancing were. Depending. Maybe.


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