Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Links of Note

* The Philosophers' Carnival is up at "Enigmania".

* The Girls on Film take famous guy scenes from movies and recreate them with women.

* William Tighe on Eric Lionel Mascall

* Keith Burgess-Jackson takes note of what Bentham really thought was "nonsense on stilts".

* Johann Sebastian Bach moving the hearts of Japan.

* Christopher A. Decaen, Aristotle's Aether and Contemporary Science (ht)

* What Early Greek Philosophy Was Not Like... at "Kenodoxia"

* A summary of Hume on representationalism (i.e., the discussion of constancy in T 1.4.2) at "Beyond Necessity"

* Arsen Darnay reminds us of the origin of the word 'eavesdropping'.

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