Thursday, April 14, 2011

Admin Note

Just to let everybody know, just in case -- I've recently been having problems with Blogger; it started with problems logging in to comments secions on other Blogger blogs, then spilled over into a massive increase in the rate at which I end up in the spam filter at those blogs, and has resulted, once, in an temporary removal of Siris for "unusual activity". In other words, whatever automated process Google uses misread the login glitches as an indication of spam activity and went into action. (I have no idea why the login problems happened.) Obviously this is fixed now, but I thought I would put something up just in case it happens again -- should you happen to come to this URL and get a message saying the blog was removed, you know why (and know that it is temporary).

Actually I've noted a lot of minor glitches in Blogger recently; the Links to This Post function has become very oversensitive, and is constantly adding links that don't actually link to the post (I think it is often reading temporary links on sidebar blogrolls as if they were stable links, but this doesn't explain all the cases I've noticed). The search bar at the top also has had more problems loading. (ADDED LATER -- And now the Recent Posts widget keeps not loading properly. The Virtual Gremlins are out to get me.) So I hope that all this is just a temporary problem that will be resolved at some point.

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