Sunday, June 12, 2011

I Have Studied It Long

By the Light of the Years
by Grace Noll Crowell

I have learned these things by the light of the years--
Like a child coming over his books--
That the darkness outside of my window at night
Is never as dark as it looks,
And if I but run out and search--I can find
Some little light--steady and kind.

I have learned that Hope is the white feathered bird
That sings all day in my breast;
That Fear is the crouching beast that comes
To tear the bird from its nest.
I have learned to close the door on Fear
After many and many a year.

I have patiently learned that Pain will cease
Tho' peace comes slowly and late,
And that there will drift down to sleepless eyes
Lost sleep at last, if I wait,
So why should I worry--and fret and cry--
Knowing these things pass by.

I have learned that to doubt is to hurt One who long
Has walked by my side and been true--
That Faith wears a shining face--and to trust
Is the grateful, wise thing to do.
I have studied it long by the light of the years--
And have learned it--through my tears.

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