Friday, July 15, 2011

Two Poem Drafts

Love by Universe

I love you more than all the earth.
It is not half enough.
Tomorrow I'll love like solar systems;
dismiss it all as fluff.
The after-day one galaxy
will scarce contain my awe --
but still too small, and still too pale.
Wait till you have them all.


Sweet breezes filter moonbeams in the night
to render them anew with seelie light,
with health and dewy argent interwound
like subtle hemming at the edge of sight.
This moonglow casts soft shadows on the ground
to give to every creature depth profound
and outline marked with clearest black and white;

but somehow you and hope are hidden still.
Not all the light of heaven as it spills
gives notice of your presence or your shade,
though memory of you this darkness fills.
But yet I keep a vigil calm and staid --
for you I think this advent night was made --
and, oh! in hope I for your presence thrill!

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