Monday, August 29, 2011

When You Really Need to Be Catholic

From an old review (of John Carpenter's Vampires) by Roger Ebert:

When it comes to fighting vampires and performing exorcisms, the Roman Catholic Church has the heavy artillery. Your other religions are good for everyday theological tasks, like steering their members into heaven, but when the undead lunge up out of their graves, you want a priest on the case. As a product of Catholic schools, I take a certain pride in this pre-eminence.


  1. Arsen Darnay8:17 AM

    Right on, Roger Ebert! I've had the same thought every time I watched the heavy hitters among the horror flicks.

  2. Brian2:12 PM

    Are you Catholic, Brandon?  You drop hints of it often, but I was wondering if you take communion, confess sins, etc.  I kind of want to be catholic again just for the confession of sins.  Few things are more morally beneficial that admitting fault, verbally, in a confidential way, to someone with the authority to say you have been forgiven.

  3. branemrys5:54 PM

    I am indeed; confession, communion, the whole kit and kaboodle.

    I find confession extraordinarily difficult, myself, and usually quite unpleasant, but there are certainly times when it's the single best way to start over when something has gone wrong. And you're right, I think, that there's a real and fundamental moral benefit in just forcing yourself to admit it when you've done something wrong.


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