Thursday, September 15, 2011

Links for Thinking

* Peter at "Conscious Entities" on qualia and intentionality. My view is a variation of his position (3); I think qualia are merely philosopher's fictions that imperfectly capture intentionality.

* John Wilkins had an interesting quotation from William Sharpe on historical study of sources.

* Roger Scruton, From Christ to Coke, discusses iconography.

* Adele J. Haft, Maps, Mazes, and Monsters: The Iconography of the Library in Umberto Eco's The Name of the Rose

* The London School of Philosophy has recently opened, and looks like an interesting venture.

* Peter Millican, who is a top-notch Hume scholar, has an excellent post on Hume, although it's also about the value of studying the history of philosophy in general.

* D. G. Myers discusses the (pseudo-)genre of literary fiction.

* The Maverick Philosopher discusses Lev Shestov's interpretation of the Fall. And previously he had a post on allegorical interpretation of the Fall.


* G. B. Sadler discusses Descartes and Dark City.

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  1. Ocham3:56 AM

    Loved the one about literary fiction.


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