Friday, September 09, 2011

Texas Wildfires

As you may know, Texas is currently under serious draught and fire conditions, with wildfires having burned through an area roughly the size of Connecticut. Over a 1500 houses have been destroyed. The day before yesterday, due to some cooling overnight, Austin was covered in smoke from all the fires around Bastrop, Leander, Spicewood, and so forth. Quite literally; if you walked outside in North Austin you saw not just haze but large quantities of smoke as thick as a light fog. The 911 service had to issue press releases begging people to stop calling 911 over it.

Alexis Madrigal has put together some interesting graphics to help non-Texans get a better sense of how much land has been affected by wildfire devastation so far.

Kerri West has put together some pictures of the Bastrop fires.

The Texas Forest Service keeps tabs on all the new fires and on the containment of old fires.

Astronauts can see the traces of them from space.

Texas Wildfire Relief is taking donations.


  1. Brigitte12:00 PM

    <span><span>What a relief to read your explanation of the status of  wildfires in Texas.While reading yesterday,</span> in combination, the news about those blazes near Austin and finding no post on Siris,  I began to think that you may have been affected by </span><span>Mother Nature's latest violent actions.  Could she be signaling her unhappiness with us?<span> </span></span>

  2. branemrys4:41 PM

    I had a response but Echo ate it!

    I'm pretty safe around here -- in the midst of the city, water (although mostly just a few trickles now) all around;l it would take someone being careless with cigarette or something to make a wildfire here. But a lot of people around here, I think, have difficulty shaking the feeling that all this blaze and inferno is a sign that something is very, very wrong. There's  a slow relentlessness to a wildfire that most natural disasters don't have.

  3. Catherine Hodge11:04 AM

    We have been following the news and marveling at the photos of smoke over Austin. I have some friends who live quite near the lesser (but still potent) fires in Pflugerville, and they've become quite weary of living under the constant mild dread of a shift in the wind or a sudden spurt in the flames. Glad to hear that you're in no danger (except from the careless smokers).


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