Saturday, October 08, 2011

A New Poem Draft

It is really and truly raining; how remarkable.

Finally, Rain

How bizarre; the ground is wet
with water from the sky!
What catastrophe can make
the world break down and cry?
Or what compassion, pure and true,
can equal tears of cloud?
These tears the fallen will renew
and overthrow the proud.

O little men of little faith
and kings of golden crown,
repent and tremble at your fate:
the sky is falling down
and heaven weeps with sobbing tear,
and cries with thunderous cry,
while you, un-Noah, ply your trade,
no ark made ready by.

But you who labor in the field,
and you in arid land,
the world its love has sent to you:
it freshens earth and sand.
Rejoice, oppressed of all the earth,
rejoice, O pure of mind!
The rain falls down. What more to say?
The world is newly kind.

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