Monday, November 07, 2011

Aegidius Draft II

I'll slowly be putting up rough draft chapters at While I'll be writing every day, I'll only be posting as chapters are finished.

Capitulum Primum: Wherein we meet the Wolf of Wolves
Capitulum Secundum: Wherein we learn something of Wolves

A bit tough getting this out, despite being a purely transitional chapter in which nothing much apparently happens; I'm trying to plant seeds of things that will eventually become of importance, but it's difficult to do this well on the fly. Also, I spent some time thinking through and roughly working out how this will all end, and think I have something worthwhile; we'll have to see how it turns out when I eventually put that chapter up, in its proper place. Also, I have been busy. Right now it's at about 4500 words, which means there's room to doubt that it will end up at the 50000 word mark by the end of November, but this might be more of a novella story anyway. Still, we'll see; there are at least two important secondary characters who haven't even shown up yet.


  1. Catherine Hodge8:59 AM

    When Giles remarks dismisslvely that Eric was bitten by "<span>some anonymous renegade", is Giles simply putting Eric in his place by pointing out that Eric doesn't even know who bit him, </span><span>is it that there is something about the bite itself or Eric's reaction that reveals the quality of his assailant?</span>

    I'm looking forward to seeing how the relationships of these characters play out. The aura of mystery around the werewolves is intriguing.

  2. branemrys9:34 AM

    Giles is certainly putting him in his place, but it's always safe to assume that Giles means more than he says, and suspects more than he lets on. Actually, he's a little hard to write dialogue for because of it.


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