Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Poem Draft

On a Flight from Billings to Denver

Bright the lights of God in the sky, the first gems;
bright are men's lights shining below with warm cheer;
darkness mediates in the middle night air --
planes are there flying.

World below my feet as the plane on high mounts,
I with calm mien look on the nighttime wind.
Coldly, cloud-like, misty, it arches wide wings,
rushing to darkness.

I as well: the world in its speed will rush past.
I, a mist, will fall to the aft and be gone.
Yet -- and I with surety and vision know it --
stars will be shining.

High above me, God's own creations gleam gold.
Down below me, streets will be lined with bright light.
Here in the middle spaces the world will pass by,
light all around it.

What will worry wind? In the light it leaps up.
Time is not its foe; it will dance in deep night.
Only worlds pass, only the planes; the wind plays --
time cannot rule it.


  1. Catherine Hodge10:19 AM

    Very evocative -- I feel like I'm on the plane.

    Hope you had a merry Christmas!

  2. branemrys10:20 AM

    I hope you did, too. Of course, it sounds from your recent posts that it was quite the party!

  3. Catherine Hodge8:24 PM

    Oh, we're more fun than a barrel of monkeys -- and more musical too, I think.

  4. branemrys10:45 PM

    Certainly better sounding.


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