Monday, January 23, 2012

Aegidius Draft VII

Capitulum Primum: Wherein we meet the Wolf of Wolves
Capitulum Secundum: Wherein we learn something of Wolves
Capitulum Tertium: Wherein a plan is made
Capitulum Quartum: Wherein a war begins
Capitulum Quintum
Capitulum Sextum
Capitulum Septimum
Capitulum Octavum
Capitulum Nonum
Capitulum Decimum

So 9 and 10 are new here. I had hoped to have more, and to have had it sooner, but things kept coming up. Decimum is a not much of a chapter, and would probably vanish in revision, but writing-wise it's a pause before the final cascade of events as Aegidius starts reeling things in.

In many ways I think the storyline that will be coming, and which now is clear in all but some details, has a kind of Medea-like feel to it, quite by accident. Certainly Euripides is in one sense merely telling the story of a deus ex machina -- it just happens that the god from the machine was Medea herself all along, and anyone who thinks that deus ex machina is necessarily a lapse of art should study that tragedy closely to be corrected -- and there's some of that here. But the crucial difference is that Medea had the untamed and burning fire of the sun in her, while Aegidius has in him the coldly ruthless madness of the moon. And also, I think, that the end result here can't quite end up a tragedy, because I am not a pagan Greek. Revision would no doubt play with this a bit.


  1. Catherine Hodge7:56 AM

    I seem fated to read Aegidius on my phone, from which it's virtually impossible to log in and comment, but that gave me an evening to chew on it. At the risk of seeming imperious, I say: Don't lose Capitulum Decimum! If anything, move it earlier, and give us more of the research! I love the idea of the historian's research as a frame for the whole story. It's intriguing; it makes the reader (well, me, anyway) want to know more.

  2. branemrys6:46 PM

    I'll definitely take that into account, then!


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