Thursday, February 09, 2012

Links of Note

* Christopher Tollefsen argues that there are alternatives to thinking of moral principles in terms of commands at "Public Discourse".

* Jason Zarri has a critique of Alison Jaggar on abortion

* The February 2012 Biblioblog Carnival is Babylon 5 themed!

* A recent encyclopedia on the Tlingit language is facing a curious problem: no Tlingit speakers can make sense of the Tlingit presented in the encyclopedia.

* Some PDFs on Christine de Pizan:

Christine de Pizan and the Querelle de la Rose (Margaret E. Loebe)
Christine de Pizan and Jean Gerson on the Body Politic (Cary J. Nederman)
Christine de Pizan and the Moral Defence of Women (Rosalind Brown-Grant)

* Some interesting SEP articles on the philosophy of physics:

The Equivalence of Mass and Energy  (Francisco Fernflores)
Space and Time: Inertial Frames  (Robert diSalle)
Space and Time: The Hole Argument (John D. Norton)
Conventionality of Simultaneity (Allen Janis)
Early Philosophical Interpretations of General Relativity (Thomas A. Ryckman)

The first one, on E=mc2, is especially recommended: both readable and fascinating; this is what an article in a philosophical encyclopedia should be.

* Bill Vallicella suggests that the fallacy of composition is not an informal fallacy.

* John Wilkins has an interesting post on the history of the label 'Aristotelian essentialism' in contemporary philosophy of science.

* DarwinCatholic on the notion of material cooperation


* Dr. Seuss for the Symbolism-Challenged


  1. Jason Zarri12:26 AM

    Hi Brandon, thanks for linking!

  2. Jason Zarri12:31 AM

    BTW, if you'd ever like to contribute something to Scholardarity, you're more than welcome to.

  3. branemrys6:07 PM

    Sure thing; if anything comes up that seems worthwhile, I'll consider throwing it your way.


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