Sunday, April 08, 2012

Sapere Aude

How much we do not know!
How little we believe!
Our minds are thick and slow
and easily deceived,
our hearts mistrust the show
with less than sure reprieve.

The signs were writ in gold
on founding-stones of earth
before the earth was old,
the sea with spanning girth
had writ on wavelets cold
the truth; there was no dearth
to minds that dared be bold.

And prophets with their dreams
and dances spoke the word
that shed this light in gleams
if ears had only heard;
but few took what had seemed
and thereby truth secured.

Dare taste the life and grace!
Dare taste, and so be wise
as fits our hoping race;
do not that hope despise.
The lines had all been traced,
the signs that Christ would rise.

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