Monday, May 14, 2012

Music on My Mind

I hoped to have more Kierkegaard, but have come down with something fairly nasty, thus putting me behind on everything, including grading. So of course the mind turns to comic song:

Flanders & Swann, "Have Some Madeira, M'Dear". With the classic lines, of course:

She lowered her standards by raising her glass,
Her courage, her eyes -- and his hopes


  1. DarwinCatholic11:02 PM

    "Now, if it were gin, you'd be wrong to say yes.  The evil gin does would be hard to assess. (Besides it's inclined to affect my prowess!)"

    On the record album of this that we had when I was a lad (that places it right there) Swann goes on to explain that his nephew came to the show and said this was his favorite song.  "It turns out he thinks it's about cake," Swann explains.  "So, of course, it is."

    Which has become something of a by-word in my family for situations in which a child's innocent explanation of something is taken by all the adults in order to avoid having to explain.

  2. branemrys6:13 AM

    I like that very much.

  3. Cat Hodge10:22 AM

    Did you know that Donald Swann, with J.R.R. Tolkien's approval, wrote settings for the songs in Lord of the Rings? The song cycle is called The Road Goes Ever On. When my grandfather died, his copy ended up at my family's house. My sister and I tried out a few of them, but they tend more toward the art song than easily singable melodies.

  4. branemrys1:00 PM

    <span>What's on your mind...</span>


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