Monday, August 06, 2012

A Poem Draft


Lord, in Your light may we see light!

Alas! These eyes of carnal flesh
Your glory cannot see or guess;
it is beyond all hope or wish
of eye to see or tongue confess.
Alone of that which in us grows
our heart of hearts can come to know,
can bear the weight of glory's load,
can burn with flame like cherry-coal,
can catch the light and not be blind.
For in us, deep and hard to find,
is glory's wick; within the mind
a blaze may burn as heaven's sign.
That blaze is love; not foolish heart
but flame more shining than a star
when fed by faith and hope which are
the fuels for beacons burning far
into the darkness of our night.
We see in some small glimpse its like,
as sparks that from the kindling fly,
but light is there beyond our eye
as spectrum past the rainbow runs;
so too it shall like endless suns
beam out from God both Three and One
unseen until our work is done.
Then love with everlasting flame
shall need no fuel, will be self-same,
on every creature lay its claim
and mark us all with God's own Name.

On the Feast of the Most Holy Transfiguration in the Two Thousand Twelfth Year of Our Lord.

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