Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The Other Hobbit Novel

Tim Newcomb on the upcoming Hobbit movies (ht):

The massive J.R.R. Tolkien novel was originally slated to span two films, but an announcement came last week that Warner Bros. planned to expand the franchise into a trilogy, allowing Jackson to explore both the book’s original text and the wealth of stories in the appendixes.

The only charitable reading of this very baffling passage that I can think of is to assume that this sentence was accidentally mashed together out of several sentences in revision, and that it wasn't read closely afterward.


  1. Hearing about Peter Jackson incorporating the appendices from the LoTR novel into the Hobbit Trilogy makes me wonder if someday some intrepid producer/director will attempt to tackle The Silmarillion. I'm sure Tolkien geeks will be excited to see a film version of "The Children of Hurin," "Beren and Luthien," and "The War of Wrath." Given the epic scope, I'm just not sure that even a trilogy is enough to tell the whole story.

  2. By all I've heard, the Tolkien Estate is very, very protective of the Silmarillion, so I'm not sure it's likely in our lifetimes. But I think the major practical difficulty with it is that it's just not going to be amenable to a realism-based approach -- making the Valar or the Silmarils not look hokey would be quite a feat.


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