Friday, September 21, 2012

Poem a Day XXI


Of many discords
the world is made; it seethes
with strife, and yet still breathes
with love, with union's weld,
that makes discordance meld
into a budding concord.
And shall this cosmos born
from out a chaos torn
without a cause transpire?
Like art but from within
each youthful thing begins,
is forged with glory's fire,
and ventures forth by laws
from out its source and cause.

1 comment:

  1. Brandon, it seems there is much concord in our thought, as I enjoyed this poem. 

    I've been thinking of the
    virtue of justice lately (amiability, honesty) and I've started to understand a little more why
    Aquinas considered it the most important of the cardinal virtues. Ultimately, justice, as giving what is due to our neighbor and God,
    connects with the (infused) theological virtue of charity, in which we come to
    share in the Divine life, and by this friendship (or unity) with God, we come to love our
    neighbor, to seek to unite even with those, our enemies, who seek disunity.


    I can also see why Aristotle considered
    friendship so important for political states and why discord,
    sometimes leading to civil war, is such an evil to the common good.




    It's interesting that in the MLP show I've
    looked at, one of the villains goes by the name "Discord" and his
    villainy consists in upsetting the social and natural order (spreading chaos).
    Thus, he creates conflict, turning friend against friend. A very Aristotelian theme for a mere children's cartoon:


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