Thursday, September 27, 2012

Poem a Day XXVII

Psalm 138

With heartfelt praise I praise you, Lord;
though before gods I will sing praise,
bow down to your holy temple,
praise your name for its steadfastness,
for you have exalted your law
beyond mere fame.

When I called, you answered my call:
you gave me boldness of spirit.

May kings among nations praise you,
for you have ordained and they hear;
may they sing of the ways of God,
for his present glory is great:
though high, he looks well on the low --
he sees them all.

I walk in the midst of trouble;
the breath of my life you preserve.

Against wrath and against hatred
your hand stretches out to preserve,
against foes your right hand is strong.
His plans will be fulfilled for me,
his mercy endures forever --
forsake us not!

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