Saturday, October 06, 2012

Li Madou

ThonyC notes that today is the anniversary of Matteo Ricci's birthday; Ricci was born October 6, 1552. Here are a few more links to remember the day.

Matteo Ricci on Chinese Government
Matteo Ricci on the Art of Printing

Matteo Ricci: Eight Songs for Western Keyboard

The Tomb of Matteo Ricci (about)
You can see a picture of Ricci's tomb here.

If you've never read The Memory Palace of Matteo Ricci, by Jonathan Spence, it is quite good.


  1. Here is a translation of a Ming Dynasty account of Matteo Ricci's career that I made at school a while back.

  2. branemrys7:58 PM

     That's awesome; thanks for that.

  3. branemrys8:02 PM

    I think, incidentally, we should start the custom of calling the Pope 'Lord of Education'.

  4. Will Duquette1:16 AM

    Pretty  much anything by Jonathan Spence is quite good.  I especially liked _God's Chinese Son_, a real cautionary tale for missionaries.

  5. branemrys10:05 AM

    That's one I haven't read and will have to look for. I enjoyed Treason by the Book, though, about the complications of being a philosophical ruler as the Chinese Emperor was supposed to be.


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