Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Links of Note

* Roberta Millstein, Chances and Causes in Evolutionary Biology: How Many Chances Become One Chance (PDF). I recommend this paper highly if you are interested in this subject.

* Patrick Baert, The Sudden Rise of French Existentialism: A Case-Study in the Sociology of Intellectual Life

* Wilfrid McClay discusses Tocqueville.

* I liked Alex Pruss's recent post on tradition and traditionalism.

* The 3QD philosophy prizes this year went to:

Factive Verbs and Protagonist Projection, at "Experimental Philosophy
Recharting the Map of Social and Political Theory, at "Bleeding Heart Libertarians"
Democracy is not a truth machine, at "The Philosopher's Beard"

They're all interesting. I worry about ceteris paribus factivity interfering with factivity, as well as about figurative speech, in the first one, but it's a very interesting discussion for anyone who thinks about the factivity of knowledge.

* Thomas McDonald is writing a series on burial customs in the Levant.

* An interesting post on the geocentric-geokinetic model of the solar system at "Renaissance Mathematicus".

* Some other papers of note:

Paolo Palmieri, Science and authority in Giacomo Zabarella
James South, Zabarella, Prime Matter, and the Theory of Regressus
William A. Wallace, O.P., Science and Religion in the Thomistic Tradition
William A. Wallace, O.P., St. Thomas's Conception of Natural Philosophy and Its Method

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