Saturday, November 03, 2012

Music on My Mind

Lindsey Stirling, "Elements". A bit of instrumental and dance. There's also an amusing behind-the-scenes video.


  1. I think DGD introduced me to
    Stirling a few months ago. She did a very good rendition of the Zelda theme,
    which as a video game geek I very much appreciated.


    Speaking of video games, I really
    liked your idea for a philosophy strategy game, even though I'd naturally
    prefer a philosophy role-playing game in which you live out different moral
    theories. For example, if you select virtue ethics, your choices build up your
    character and make certain options easier and others more difficult. Of course,
    I'd wonder how to make a game about mundane, everyday events exciting without
    having characters face non-stop life-and-death trolley problems, as in Mass
    Effect or Fallout.

  2. branemrys5:36 PM

     It would certainly be interesting. I'm not a huge gameplayer in any form, but I play much more strategy than RPG, so I'm much more familiar with how a strategy version would work.

    Way back in 1992, there was a really good DOS RPG called Darklands in which the basic idea was that you were in Greater Germany in the fifteenth century and the typical worldview of peasants in that century was right. So, of course, there were witches and demonic boars and the like. One of the more complicated and interesting features was that the calendar of saints was really important, and devotions to certain saints could make a big difference down the road. It was a brilliant game, far ahead of its time -- too far ahead of its time, since the technology of the day meant that a lot of its potential could never be developed. There've been rumors of remakes ever since. One of the ideas that was floating about was greater flexibility about what one could do in-world -- e.g., if devotion to saints played such an important role, why not make it possible for characters to form religious communities and the like? In any case, there was also a moral component -- your moral excellence had an effect on some things you could do. It was very primitively done, since it was one of the earliest to try, but I could imagine some sort of approach that made greater use of that sort of thing.


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