Friday, January 25, 2013

Notable Links for Noting and Linking

* Bill Witt discusses the variety of answers to the question, "What is Anglican theology?".

* Elise Italiano discusses the possibilities for an alternative feminism.

* Jordan Ballor on Carl F. H. Henry and Christian social witness

Speaking of which, this is Carl Henry in a review of Hauerwas (PDF):

Precisely as the true Church the Christian community is to be reminded that she must not hide her light or withhold her salt from the world. She is to warn the world, as I see it, that law and justice have their ultimate ground and defining source in the transcendent will of the self-revealing God, is to proclaim to the world the universal criteria by which Christ will judge men and nations at his return, is to encourage society to judge itself anticipatively by the divine commandments that threaten impenitent humanity, is to exemplify in her own ranks what faithful obedience to the Lord of the Church and of history implies, and is to exhibit to the world the blessings of serving the true and living God.

* Paula Byrne discusses Pride and Prejudice and politics

* A reply to some criticisms of Scotus's doctrine of the absolute primacy of Christ.

* Sandra Miesel asks Catholic SF writers some questions. (ht)

* The International Prototype Kilogram is several dozen micrograms heavier than it used to be, due to the slow build-up of contaminating hydrocarbons.

* The Cedarville Philosophy Department is collecting testimonies from former philosophy students. It makes for fascinating reading. Cedarville was an originally Presbyterian college that I think is now affiliated with the Baptists; a recommendation was recently made to its Board of Trustees to close the department.

* Robert Merry discusses Oswald Spengler.

* Matthew Rees discusses Thomas Kuhn.

* A Wikipedia hoax in which the hoaxers invented an entire war between Portugal and India. Tlon, Uqbar, Orbius Tertius!

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