Monday, May 06, 2013

Aquinas for May VI

Sicut homo suam primam perfectionem, scilicet animam, acquirit ex actione Dei; ita et ultimam suam perfectionem, quae est perfecta hominis felicitas, immediate habet a Deo, et in ipso quiescit: quod quidem ex hoc patet quod naturale hominis desiderium in ullo alio quietari potest, nisi in solo Deo.

"Just as man acquires his first completion, which is the soul, from the action of God, so also he has his ultimate completion, which is complete human happiness, immediately from God, and in Him rests: which indeed is clear from this, that human desire is naturally able to rest in nothing else except God alone."

De virtutibus, q. 1 art. 10

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