Monday, August 12, 2013

Links of Note

* An interesting experiment showing interconnections between visual and linguistic inference. It's still a ways away from the Berkeleian position that visual inference just is a kind of linguistic inference, but Berkeley would certainly like both the experiment and the conclusion.

* Lars Hertzberg discusses some of the problems with the more incautious conclusions drawn from cognitive bias research.

* An interview with Timothy Michael Law on the Septuagint.

* Philosophers' Carnival #154

* Deborah Mayo remembers Egon Pearson.

* Andrea Staiti, Heinrich Rickert, at the SEP. Rickert is perhaps the key figure of Baden Neo-Kantianism, as Hermann Cohen is of the opposing Marburg school of Neo-Kantianism. The differences between the two schools are complex (and partly discussed in the beginning of the article), but we can roughly summarize them by saying that Marburg tended to develop Kant along epistemological and philosophy-of-science lines, while Baden tended to develop Kant along metaphysical and philosophy-of-culture lines. (Both groups were Neo-Kantian not in the sense of slavishly following Kant, but taking Kant as a basic starting-point for further development.)

* Dr. Boli on Kant

* Ben Springett, Philosophy of Dreaming, at the IEP.

* Jean Bethke Elshtain died on Sunday. Here she is in a brief soundbite discussing why we need the word 'evil':

She discusses the same topic in an hour-long video on Harry Potter, St. Augustine, and the Confrontation with Evil.

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