Saturday, August 03, 2013

Notable Links for Linking and Thinking

* Ancient weapons

* Thony C on John Dee

* Rebecca Stark on the Session of Christ

* Ilya Somin has a good op-ed on the implications of cases in which the Supreme Court unanimously opposes the White House, of which there have been a disturbing number over the past decade or two.

* Stefan Heßbrüggen-Walter has a series of posts on early modern German philosophy of philosophy:

(I) Introduction
(II) Liddell, Martini, and Pernot
(III) A Teacher, a Student, and a Ramist
(IV) 'Wisdom of the Flesh' and Philosophers as 'Patriarchs of Heresy'? Casmann and the Hoffmann Dispute
(V) Is Philosophy More than Just a Good Habit?

* Currently Reading

Nicholas Griffin, What Did Russell Learn from Leibniz? (PDF)
Jan Sebestik & Paul Rusnock, The Beyträge at 200: Bolzano's quiet revolution in the philosophy of mathematics

* The National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly has its issue on criticisms of New Natural Law Theory.

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