Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Talked and Walked with Trees

The Poet
by T. E. Hulme

Over a large table, smooth, he leaned in ecstasies,
In a dream.
He had been to woods, and talked and walked with trees.
Had left the world
And brought back round globes and stone images,
Of gems, colours, hard and definite.
With these he played, in a dream,
On the smooth table.


  1. Itinérante5:44 AM

    I am very glad this poem was posted on that day. A very nice and touching one!( that 25 September, I turned 25 =D)
    ps. All my plants have names. My next one will be Brandon if you do not mind. Any preferred kind? (I am thinking a cactus one or a succulent, but I am open to suggestions!)

  2. branemrys8:15 AM

    A succulent would be fitting; there are very many succulents around here, although usually only where the drainage is very good. Texas is famous for its wildflowers, and there area number of them that are succulents or cacti.


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