Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Preparing the Materials

A thought from outside, suggested by the spoken or written word, is received by the intelligence more or less passively. For a long time that thought remains purely intellectual. Then one day, under the influence of grace, it comes to life and becomes not only present to mind but alive for the soul. Does this not explain and justify human participation in God's work? Grace alone brings about a conversion; without it we can do nothing, but can we not prepare the materials for grace? Can we not put into people's minds new ideas that, when touched by grace, may one day spring to life? It is very humble work, demanding much patience and tact, and it must be done without expecting any result but that which God wills and is known only to him.
[Elisabeth Leseur, "Daily Thoughts (1899-1906)" in Elisabeth Leseur: Selected Writings, Ruffing, tr. Paulist Press (New York: 2005) p. 148.]

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