Saturday, January 11, 2014

Linkable Thinkables

* Philosophers' Carnival #159 at "Scholardarity"

* The Daily Mail online has a collection of a number of interesting documents: Gandhi's letter to Hitler, the Queen's drop scone recipe (and attendant note to President Eisenhower), Nixon's just-in-case-disaster-happens speech for the Moon landing, and a rather creepy threat letter from the FBI to Martin Luther King, Jr.

* Newly discovered Mary Shelley letters

* Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Sister Years, his allegorical short story about the new year.

* Joe Carter has a good post on the Geography of Civic Virtue

* Arnold Farr's SEP article on Herbert Marcuse

* Muncaster Steam Engine Plans

* Christopher Tollefsen discusses obligations to other animals:
What Our Obligations to Other Animals Are Not
Our Obligations to Animals

* Hamm and Bott on Tense and Aspect at the SEP

* Lawrence Schiffman on the Halakhic Response to the Rise of Christianity

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