Sunday, January 12, 2014


For whatever reason, I was thinking of The Stupids movie today as I was out for a walk. The Stupids, which starred Tom Arnold and Jessica Lundy, is one of those movies that everyone should see once, not because it isn't an extremely stupid movie, but because it manages to do a handful of scenes almost perfectly: the bush-man scene, The Lloyd, "This is the worst fire extinguisher I've ever seen", Christopher Lee as The Stupids' imagination of what the insidious Sender plotting to steal everyone's mail must look like. In other words, it's one of those movies that nobody really cares much about, but somehow or other parts of it tend to end up on lists of people's favorite scenes. One of the scenes that has always stuck in my mind occurs when the Stupid children, Buster and Petunia, find their father unexpectedly gone in the morning; they jump to the conclusion that he has been kidnapped and decide to set out and find him. They need to leave a note for their mother, though, so Petunia dictates it to Buster:

Petunia: Take this down. 'We have gone to the police....'
Buster [concentrating hard as he writes]: '...the police...
Petunia: 'Dad has been kidnapped....'
Buster [still concentrating as he writes]: '...kidnapped...'
Petunia: 'Don't worry, we'll be back soon. Signed, Your Children.'
Buster: [still concentrating as he writes] '...your children...'
[Camera on the note Buster has written: 'The police kidnapped your children'.]

Not to say that they are stupid, obviously, but I am very sure that this is exactly how my students often take notes. All this is a roundabout way of saying that I think I should do something about it. I don't quite know what, though. Any ideas?


  1. MrsDarwin8:34 AM

    I just read this to the 10- and 11- year olds, and they're rolling on the floor and begging to see the movie. Appropriate for the demographic? I haven't seen it myself.

    I feel that this encapsulates how they hear most things I say.
    Me: You can watch TV after schoolwork is finished for the day.
    Them: We can watch TV. Schoolwork is finished for the day!

  2. branemrys9:07 AM

    There is a lot of very cartoonish violence, which gives it its PG rating. I don't remember any profanity or sexual themes, but Screen It, which is much pickier than I, says:

    PROFANITY 1 hell, and 7 uses of "Oh my God," and 2 of "For God's Sake" as exclamations.

    SEX/NUDITY The following confessions are heard on a TV talk show: "I divorced my wife in order to date her daughter," "I married a Siamese twin and then had an affair with her sister," "I've been engaged to three of my cousins," and "I'm my own grandpa."

    (That is quite literally all it can find for either. And it should be pointed out that the TV talk show bit is a set-up for a rendition of the classic song from the forties,, "I'm My Own Grandpa") The jokes are pretty much perfect for the age group.

  3. MrsDarwin1:26 PM

    "I'm my own grandpa" sets off flags? I have standards, but they're not that high. Anyway, I'm not sure how sex plays into it, since the fellow could have been his own grandpa even if he'd been committed to a Josephite marriage. It's all technicalities, which is why the kids think it's hilarious.

    We had "I'm My Own Grandpa" on some singalong tape when I was young -- I think it was a Muppets album. Ah, the classics.


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