Saturday, January 18, 2014

Poetic Intuition and Philosophy

The poetic intuitions of Wordsworth and Browning, of Goethe and Schiller, contain larger and deeper truth than is to be found in the systems of contemporary theologians or philosophers; but the reason is, not that imagination comes closer to reality than reflection, but that it naturally outruns its slower-paced sister. Poetry never contains deeper truth than philosophy, except when it embodies intuitions that are afterwards expressed, or may afterwards be expressed, in systematic form. In poetry we have the concrete presentation of ideas in definite pictorial form, but it is only as it exhibits the whole through the parts, the ideal in the sensible, that it can ever be regarded as reaching a higher stage than a philosophy which has lost itself in the parts.

John Watson, The Interpretation of Religious Experience, Part 2, p. 18.


  1. ane pixestos3:35 AM

    I made my way to your blog today through a series of serendipitous links (how nice that this may be an extended pun on your blog's title) starting from the History Carnival via the philosophical carnival it linked to. I've decided to comment on this post because it picks up on some of themes in your inspiring Five Years post and because the poetic-philosophical is a third shared link of interest. I am looking forward to attempting to catch up on all the years I have missed of this internet treasure trove (workshop-philosophy; amiability - so many fruitful themes to dwell on) - but if there is a post where you have done a roundup of your favourite posts, I would appreciate it if you might direct me there as a form of starting point. It is very tempting to write more in this comment box, but let these few words suffice for now. Thank you for this thoughtful golden series for readers to enjoy and learn from.

    P.S. I wanted to comment normally, but feel rather harangued when I am asked to sign up for yet another service (I even allowed it to activate the cookies, but was then asked to create another password to lose): might you consider letting other bloggers comment via Blogger? I have a blogger blog called Something by Virtue of Nothing - and my non-Disqus contact information may be found there.

  2. branemrys3:06 PM

    Glad you find it interesting! I don't really have any roundup of favorite posts, but here and there I have an index to some series that I've done. For instance,



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