Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Strong Incredible Sanities of the Sun

A Ballade of Ephemeral Controversy
by G. K. Chesterton

I am not as that Poet that arrives,
Nor shall I pluck the Laurel that persists
Through all perverted Ages and revives;
Enough for me, that if with feet and fists
I fought these pharisaic atheists,
I need not crawl and seek when all is done
My motley pennon trampled in the lists
It will not matter when the fight is won.

If scratch of mine amid a war of knives
Has caused one moment's pain to pessimists,
Poisoned one hour in Social Workers' lives,
I count such comforts more than amethysts
But less than claret, and at after trysts
We'll meet and drink such claret by the tun
Till you and I and all of us (What? Hists!).
It will not matter when the fight is won.

When men again want women for their wives
And even woman owns that she exists,
When people ask for houses and not hives
When we have climbed the tortured ivy's twists
To where like statues stand above the mists
The strong incredible sanities of the sun,
This dazed and overdriven bard desists.
It will not matter when the fight is won.


Prince, let me place these handcuffs on your wrists
While common Christian people get some fun,
Then go and join your damned Thesophists.
It will not matter when the fight is won.

Yesterday started the term, but today's my first day of classes. Since I have three classes, two office hours, and two different campuses today, it will be a looong day. But it will be, overall, a much easier term than Fall was.


  1. MrsDarwin9:39 AM

    Alas for the class that was not, though!

  2. branemrys3:03 PM

    Alas, yes.


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