Thursday, January 16, 2014

Unsmirched Incredibly and Clean

A Wind of Clear Weather in England
by Alice Meynell

O what a miracle wind is this
Has crossed the English land to-day
With an unprecedented kiss,
And wonderfully found a way!

Unsmirched incredibly and clean,
Between the towns and factories,
Avoiding, has his long flight been,
Bringing a sky like Sicily’s.

O fine escape, horizon pure
As Rome’s! Black chimneys left and right,
But not for him, the straight, the sure,
His luminous day, his spacious night.

How keen his choice, how swift his feet!
Narrow the way and hard to find!
This delicate stepper and discreet
Walked not like any worldly wind.

Most like a man in man’s own day,
One of the few, a perfect one:
His open earth—the single way;
His narrow road—the open sun.

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