Monday, March 31, 2014

Three Poem Re-Drafts

Iliad V, 770ff

As far as man can see,
eyes to hazy distance,
seated on mountain peak
overlooking wine-dark sea,

so far their lordly leap,
god-steeds loudly neighing.

Gray Skies

Skies are gray today; what of it?
Every gray sky has blue above it,
warm with light;
when gray clouds are done
out springs the sun,
clear and bright.


A cathedral hewn of a single stone
holds a golden cross and an ancient throne
where the glory sat above cherubim
in the holiest holy.

The Geez prayers of an ancient rite
softly rise into a velvet night
and Ezana's children pray by the wall
of the holiest holy.

I dreamed of Adsum where angels rest
on every tabot and stars are guest
at revels of hope and undying light
near the holiest holy.

Maryam Ts'iyon walks a path alone
with cherubim that make the throne
for the Highest High and His glorious gift,
holiest of all holies.

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