Sunday, May 18, 2014

Music on My Mind

Tim Buckley, "Song to the Siren". This song has been covered a jillion times. An extremely popular cover of this song was done by This Mortal Coil in the 80s -- This Mortal Coil was kind of a rolling supergroup, constantly changing out various artists and smaller groups, and the actual artists were Elizabeth Fraser and Robin Guthrie from the Scottish group Cocteau Twins -- which has influenced a number of more recent covers. The best of the covers from the past few years that I've heard is Sinead O'Connor's.

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  1. pseudonoma12:08 AM

    Thanks for this reminder...I think I've never really paid attention to this song and for the first time I decided to trace the history of its covers. Even though its scheme is clear and even predictable, it feels to me formless in the original Buckley performance above, and the Coil version seems to remedy little in this respect. Of the versions you cite I definitely bend toward the O'Connor rendition. But I wanted something more raw from the song, too. Perhaps strangely, I think the best version I heard is from someone I have little love for, but I think he gets it right, especially when delivering the "sorrow/tomorrow" couplet without letting it sound like it was written because it rhymes:,


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