Friday, May 30, 2014

The Distant Echoes of a Buried Past

by Chambers Baird

As one who hears beside a quiet shore,
When seas are stilled and winds and waves are spent,
Faint murmurs of that vanished continent
Whose storied plains reach out on ocean's floor,
O'er which the dark, pulsating waters pour,
With sounds of bells by the swaying flood impent,
Tolling, now lone and low, now full and blent,
Then lost again amid the surfy roar,—

So through the silent spaces of the dark,
When lulls the world-hum on the muffled blast,
There strays a tender chord of some far strain
From time when love was sweet and hope not vain;
And pulses throb, and with dear longing mark
The distant echoes of a buried past.

Almost the only thing anyone seems to know about Chambers Baird is that he was a lawyer from Ohio.

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