Monday, May 05, 2014

Two Poem Drafts


"I do," said God. The Dove upon the sea
was baptizing creation with the wind,
and light burst forth, a promised liberty,
with streaming rays out to the endless end;
then order flowed like breath throughout each kind,
the covenant and contract making law.
It echoed forth from out eternal Mind
as stars of morning formed in ranks of awe.
Reverberation made the world take form;
the sun and moon and stars were bright and clear
as fish and fowl rode mighty waves of storm
and beasts began to move with savage cheer.
The human heart looked round with thought anew
and sallied back with whispered words: "I do."


My heart in crystal filigree has formed
a lacing latticework by winds of storm,
and every snowflake shines like star at night,
a million million twinkles gleaming bright
with diamond rainbows flashing through the white.
No vernal melt, no summer thaw, can break
the glaciers raised; no warming sun can wake
the ice to water's liquid gush and flow.
My heart's enchantments glory over snow,
rejoice in blizzards fierce no arctic knows.

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