Saturday, July 05, 2014

Music on My Mind

Karen Matheson, "Ailein Duinn". I'm fairly sure I've put this one up before, but it is my favorite version of one of my favorite songs.

The song itself, "Dark Alan", goes back to the eighteenth century. Like a lot of Scottish folk songs from that period, it is about the sea. Alan was a sailor and was lost in a storm, and the song is from the perspective of his bride, who has lost her will to live. "Ailein Duinn, ò hì shiubhlainn leat" in the chorus means something like, "Dark Alan, oh, I will walk/travel with you"; but the word 'siubhail' can also have the figurative meaning of dying.


  1. Robert Lennon8:09 PM

    There is something just so delightfully 90's about songs in the celtic languages accompanied by keyboard!

  2. branemrys11:16 PM

    It does, doesn't it? It's one of those intersections that requires two very different things being massively popular at just the right time, and something to press them together, and then, bam! -- eighties hair bands or rock songs with reggae music, or Gaelic backed by synthesizer.

  3. Robert Lennon11:38 PM

    Exactly. But as weird as a synth sounds when compared to what the original backing for the lyrics would have been, it still... kind of works? At least the better ones do, and catch a sense of distance.


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